Cardiac Imaging Specialists, Inc., is an employee-owned mobile nuclear imaging company.

We have over 60 years of combined experience in mobile nuclear imaging with a highly-respected Nuclear Cardiac Imaging Team producing the highest-quality images and giving the greatest patient care.

Maximum Patient Volume

We maximize patient volume, time, and money for our practices. Our experienced team is efficient, professional and thorough.


Flexible Open-Ended Contracts

Unlike other providers, CiS offers flexible contracts with no minimum number of days per year. We offer flexible contracts customized to tailor fit your practice.

Accomodating Service Days

Your practice can add service days on short notice, and you can also cancel service days as needed with no penalty.

No Extra Fees

Other providers charge a lot for service days, doses, and for the cancellation/addition of service days. We offer our customers the best opportunity to make more money on the net side.

We Go Above and Beyond

We run our business on a personal level- our team forms a partnership with your practice and ensures the highest quality of service.

SPECT Imaging

MPI (Myocardial Perfusion Imaging) uses SPECT (Single-photon Emission COmputed Tomography) as a reliable 3D scan to detect issues with myocardial perfusion functionality.  MPI is an accurate and dependable test for ischemic heart disease. CIS uses state of the art, dual-screen Cardius 2XPO Camera for optimal quality. CIS offers turn-key mobile imaging packages custom tailored to your practice. You tell us how often you want to run and you only pay for the patients to show up for the test. If your office does not have a treadmill, we use Pharmaceutical stress agents. The CIS turn-key package includes a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, an experienced Certified Cardiographic Technician (all CIS CCTs are certified Paramedics), a mobile dual-head camera, isotopes, medical supplies, and over readers (for an additional fee). We offer reliable and patient-friendly service and are available across southern California. our hours are flexible and our expert teams are conscientious of your time and space. The camera fits easily into a 7′ x 9′ room and our service takes three to five hours to complete (time estimate based on 4-14 patients).

Combined Years of Experience

Average Number of Hours of Service Call

Hours Turnaround Time for Interpretations


ISOTOPES: We offer high-quality radiopharmaceuticals as well as pharmacologic stress agents, radioactive quality control services, functional imaging drugs and ancillary medical supplies to all of southern California and Arizona at competitive prices.

Staffing | Certifications

CIS Techs are experienced, professional, and CPR & ACLS certified. Available on a per diem basis.

Certified Cardiagraphic Technicians

Our CCTs are certified paramedics, bilingual, CPR and ACLS certified. They are  available on a per diem basis, or for long-term staffing needs for treadmill stress tests.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

CNMTs (Nuclear Medicine Technologists) are also available for per diem or long-term basis. They are experienced, efficient, and CPR certified.

Certified Overreaders

We offer overreader services from the most venerated doctors in the industry. Interpretations come back to you within 24 hours.



Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in becoming ICANL or ACR accredited. We offer services ranging from help with start to finish accreditation, or consultation on specific steps. If you have any questions about this service please visit the Contact Us page. We will give you a personalized quote the same day.

Billing & Coding Support

CIS Nuclear Imaging systems offers support with Billing and Coding


Have questions about billing procedural coding for cardiac nuclear tests? We offer consultation on accurate billing procedures for a variety of services and scopes of projects. Accurate medical billing is essential for an efficient and successful office. It can be difficult to keep up with changing reimbursements rates and new codes. Our experts at CIS know up-to-date information on reimbursements that can help ensure that you are getting what you deserve. We are happy to research specific procedures to see if you are currently coding properly or train your employees to accurately code. Whatever your billing needs are we can help.

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Send us an email through the contact form on this page, or give us a call. Let us prepare a personalized quote for the services your practice needs.

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